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Loxie and Zoot
A comic about nudists? Well... yeah! 'Cos nudists have adventures too, y'know. Loxie and Zoot just wanna have fun in the sun... au naturel of course... but not if their arch foe Tex Tyler and various other prudes have any say in it.

Please note: I've finished producing the Loxie & Zoot series but that isn't the end of the noodtoons - I've moved the show over to The Bare Pit (the latest page of which can be seen above), where you'll continue to see Loxie, Zoot, Willow and all the other characters...

Loxie & Zoot Archive Fast find guide!

If you're new to Loxie & Zoot - welcome! There are over 200 pages on-line for your reading pleasure! The very first page is available here. You can find any page and story thru the archives. Below are some quick stepping stones to the major stories.

The Koala Bares
This is where it all began! The regulars at the Koala Bay Bares find their clothes-free lifestyle threatened by anti-nudist campaigner Tex Tyler...
[120 pages]
Willow has a pretty carefree attitude towards her lifestyle - but there are others out there that treat this as a golden opportunity...

[30 pages]

Ghost Story
There are some ghostly goings on at the Koala Bay Bares (Featuring Jenny Everywhere)
[15 pages]

It's A Nood, Nood, Nood, Nood World!
Stolen jewels and miniature golf and Nudie Sven all have their part to play in this cops and robbers tale!
[90 pages]
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For the most recent recent Naturist comics and cartoon adventures check out The Bare Pit...

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