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Okay, I'll be the first to admit this is a fairly meagre collection of links. There are heaps of other sites with incredibly extensive links pages (some are listed below!) so I'll leave that wonderful job to them. If you would you would like to swap links please drop me an email -

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Web comics

There are literally bazillions of webcomics on the internet - I don't read nearly as many as I could or should... but maybe if I did I wouldn't have time to work on L&Z either! Here are some I do read regularly (may contain mature and/or adult material). Will be adding more soon.

  • 8:1: Nothing to do with super heroes... just everyday people going about their lives - another reason to like it! Follow Charles and Mary as they just sorta sit there, looking depressed.
  • Cat and Girl: The adventures of a girl and her cat... or is that the other way round? Nicely cynical.
  • Fallen Angels Used Books (FAUB): The bookstore Fallen Angels Used Books rests on the border between fantasy and reality. On the outside it is just a used book store but not everyone who enters this store is exactly what they appear.
  • The Jaded: In the gritty underworld where the law is powerless, the only people who can get anything done are the people who have lived in it. Meet the Jaded, a band of elite mercenaries with nothing to lose. Sometimes help can be found for those who pay for it.
  • Magellan Justice Academy: Actually a shameless plug for another comic I also write and draw... but it's absolutely nothing like L&Z (violence, cussin', clothes...)! A superhero comic... 'cos you can never have enough superheroes. When your classmates have kickass superpowers and you don't, fitting in is not going to be easy... just the kind of challenge Kaycee Jones is looking for! Is she Magellan material...?
  • Star Bored: Wonderful parody of sci-fi and fantasy TV shows, movies and comics. In space no one can sue you! Great art by Mr. Bob.
  • Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan: an online fantasy comic. The main characters are a bunch of no-goodniks living out in the sticks of the kingdom of Clwyd-Rhan around the year 1000.
  • The Pantheon: (mature content) religious and mythical figures as they've never been depicted before. The Pantheon is a webcomic about gods, angels, demigods, prophets, nymphs, dragons, centaurs, humans - the lot!
  • Zeera the Space Pirate: she's sassy and even sometime's classy... but she's not that good at being a pirate. Oh well, two out three ain't bad!

Naturist links

This is a comic about nudists - so here are some nudist type links. Relax and get nekkid!

Naturist Magazines

Naturist E-Mags

Naturist Swaps

The following sites belong to naturists who have offered to link up with Loxie & Zoot... thanks one and all!

Nude comics

Other comics - online and in print which positively depict nudity.

Alternative Stuff

Want a break from all this free-for-all nudity? Here are some links to other sites that have all sorts of things of an alternative nature. Some even have links back to this site!

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