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Stuff is for... well... stuff! Fan-art, miscellaneous art I've doodled over the years and even some reviews which I'll post here over time. Update frequency will depend on when I've got anything to post - I'll mention it when it happens in Newest News on the home page anyway. Please feel free to contribute comments, fan art or leads to forums - its great to hear from readers!
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Art Art
All manner of drawings and pics that aren't part of the main toons - comics that have been published elsewhere, character studies, sketches, previews, old stuff, unused stuff, guest art and miscellaneous doodlings.
added Wallpaper: 18 May 04
updated Candid Bares: 2 Feb 04
Words Words
Written stuff on, or about, Loxie & Zoot or the theme of naturism - articles, essays, reviews, musings on the creative processes of stories, and various other morsels such as what gets said about Loxie & Zoot in forums, short stories and what not.

updated: 8 Jan 04
Fan Art Fan Art
Contributions of character drawings from readers - why not send in your own?!

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